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November 24, 2010

New Media in My Mind

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I personally really want to know about everything, but my time is so limited to learn each of them. thus, if I have a chance, I would like to have a new media specifically provide me a place to take a trial to do a new thing and gain detail information from specialist from that media.

Let’s make it real. The program I named it as “Specialist”. first, people who is a profession can register as “Specialist” in the program and people who would like to take trials and gain information from the specialist can register as “Learner”. Such as if I am a learner and I want to gain more detail in cooking, I can get to the program and pick a trial to practice cooking. After I do the trial, I can choose the specialist I want to chat to and ask them for recommendation.  Basically is like virtual world, but if people like to learn something but maybe they don’t have time or they can’t afford the tuition, they all welcome to go to “Specialist” and learn from the trial and specialist.

November 13, 2010

Our Class Wiki – So Far

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I am working on “How the New Media are used in Business”. Basically I will focus on how Facebook and Twitter be used in business.

I am going to do some research on how business and consumer communication via online social networks and they changing the Business World and also how they Impact E-commerce.

November 6, 2010

Term Paper

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The topic of my term paper is “New Media and people’s life style. Basically, I just talked about each of the social network site and their impact on people’s life. I search a lot of articles from school’s databases, Google scholar and also the article professor provided.  From my research, I found a lot of interest things related to new media and people’s life. such as most of the time, people talk to their friends through Facebook instead of phone; Classes use Wiki and Twitter to collaborate and do the discussion instead in class and BB. I found some articles are so interesting, such as U.S Air Force use Twitter to ask permission to Land on Haiti’s National airport to provide medication. and Nurses use Virtual World to have a emergency drill. After I did this term paper, I learned more about the connection between new media and people’s life style. I believe new media will have more room to develop and they will impact people more in the future.

October 30, 2010

The Social Network

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I was so impressed that Mark Zuckerberg can create such an amazing work in his early age. the story is basically talking about a Harvard undergrad and computer programming genius Mark Zuckerberg start a new idea which is called Facebook. after he broke up with his girlfriend and he start to create a social website called Facemash, sooner after a Winklevoss Twins were impressed about his work and invited him to join their idea on Harvard Network. later, he kind of using their idea and created a global social network called Facebook with his friend Justin Timberlake, which is a revolution for people’s communication. and Sean Parker, who financially helping him in his business. but finally, what Mark has is lawsuits from Winklevoss Twins and his best friend Tim.
This movie is really good, I can see how people can use technology to impact people’s life. But I am not really agree what Mark did, I am not very sure whether is he stole the twins’ idea, but what he did on his girl friend and his friend Tim, I feel that is not right, even though he think his girl friend should not threat him like that, but he should know if he post something on the web, people will be very easy to get massage. also, Tim always helping him on the way to success, but finally he make his best friend’s share diluted all the way down to $.03 per share. i felt that is  so ridiculous.

Privacy & Confidentiality

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Privacy and confidentiality is one of the major issues with new media because the technology offers so many benefits and everyone can easily get online and search any information they want. in this case, we will rise the question about ” is our private information secure?’  These concerns are what make people do need to think about what should they put into the web. like Facebook, it did have had privacy concerns with its users because few people realized just how many people could see their profiles and the stuff they post on it. Once people understand what kind of information they should be sharing online and as online security increases, new media can foster creativity and communication to help improve the lives of everyone in the world.

Advice to Baruch College

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if I get hired by Baruch College, I will suggest that we should have more online classes,  first, we can save expenses, such as electricity and equipment, second, that way can be more convenience to students. In each of the class, we should have that particular class’s blog, where we kind of have our own community and can share thing in that blog. Wiki is also can help, because people can edit the particular topic which is provided by the professor through out the whole semester. that way we have get more knowledge from the discussion. maybe we also can invite  other school’s students to join the discussion, that way maybe we will have more connection with other school and improve our perception of different ideas.

October 17, 2010

How does a twitter discussion compare to the BB Discussion Board? To an in-class discussion?

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Use twitter befinitely is much easier than post something on BB Discussion Board and To an in-class discussion. we can reply our friend immediately and there is more visual excitement in Twitter. we do not have to do so many step to get to the BB Discussion Board if we want to post something. also, we don’t have to go to class and do the discussion. sometime when someone is very shy, they don’t even want to give their opinion in class. so that is not an efficient way to have a discussion in class.

Modeling Reality with Virtual Worlds

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What are different ways these virtual worlds can be used?

Virtual Worlds can be use in games. which give people a place to fright each other. Virtual Worlds is kind of like the second life, they create their own character in the virtual world and communicate with others.  Places which have their own world, their own rules, topics, jokes, members, etc… Each person who belongs to these kinds of communities can find like-minded people to talk to. and Virtual now are very popular used in commerce, medical and education.

What are the pros and cons?

I believe the pros could include which I mention before, if it use in commerce,  the people with different background can share their interest with others in the same virtual world. one of the article by Mark Tutton, he state that “Virtual community Second Life is seeking to tap into that market by creating a new tool that allows businesses to have virtual meetings on their own computer networks.” if in medical, Virtual worlds can also be used to help hospitalized children to create a comfortable and safe environment which can expand their situation, experience interactions. cons should be people’s fake identity. everyone use a unreal person in the virtual world, no one knows what kind of the other people are, thus, they are taking the risk to know each other.

How do virtual worlds foster creativity?

because the people interact with each other by created a new object and many new things. thus,  i believe people from different background could created object related to their interest. By interacting with others, they also will come up with many new ideas.

What do you think the future of virtual worlds will look like?

I believe we will move to a position where people can augment their physical lives with virtual realities. This may ultimately affect our perceptions of our real life. and also there will be more and more people have activities from meeting and chatting with friends to learning and doing business and other things.

October 4, 2010

Social Networking

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Today, many company including corporation realized the importance of social networking. Most of them are use social networking to do advertising. They do this in Facebook, Linkin and their own blogs. Certain corporations were actually using various social media outlets to connect with customers. Such as GM, Dell, and etc, because they can connect with customer to see what product they prefer and make customer group to give a place for they to make comments.

According to an article “Social network in IBM”, it  pointed out that online social networking is pointing the way to new forms of communication and new ways of doing business and Social networks are emerging as key tools for business innovation. From Social networks, businesses can collaborate with all kinds of people, with diverse backgrounds and different levels of expertise, from locations all over the world.


Social Networking at IBM: Maclean’s Feb 4, 2008 “What’s Next? Your Future in Social Networking” vol 121, p. 42.

October 3, 2010

Check Out Social Networking Sites

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Similarity in all these social network. Users can create profiles with photos, lists of personal interests, contact information and other personal information. Communicating with friends and other users can be done through private or public messages or a chat feature. Users can also create and join interest groups. Mood is one of the common features in all these sites, which are small emotion that are used to depict a mood the user is in. And you can change your mood anytime. Also, all of them can support uploading images. One of the images can be chosen to be the defraud image or profile picture.

Differences including, first, MySpace and Friendster’s profiles can contain a blog with standard fields for content, emotion, and media. But Facebook doesn’t have blog. Also photos in Myspace can be made into a slide show whereas Facebook and Friendster don’t. Second, in the comment section in each social networking, their friends may leave comments for all viewers to read. However, MySpace users have the option to delete any comment or require all comments to be approved before posting. Third, Facebook’s requirement that users utilize their true identity while MySpace does not.  One more as I know is Friendster is originally comes from Asia and it is used for dating and discovering new events.

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